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Sample Books

Book Exchange Policy

The Book Station has the right to refuse giving credit for books with or without the Book Station Sticker. If the sticker does not reflect the current value of the book, it is at the discretion of the staff whether or not they will give credit for the book in for exchange. Credit given for books without the Book Station sticker is at the discretion of the staff. Customers have the right to refuse the credit given for the books they want to exchange. Credit older than one year will expire and we will no longer keep your details.

Our Credit System

For books we accept, we can offer you credit to spend on other books in store. We offer a quarter of the selling price for books brought in by customers. For example, if you bring in a current year book / new release book you will receive $4 credit for the book.

We sell new releases at $16.50, the amount of credit given for books depends on the year, condition and genre.

We offer half of the price back in credit for books with a Book Station sticker. For example, if you bought a book back with our sticker priced $16.50 you will recieve $8.25 in credit to spend on other books. We may give you less than half back in credit if the book has been damaged or you have kept the book longer than a year.

If you do not wish to purchase books with credit on the day, we will keep your details & your credit amount in store on record.

Please be aware that the store credit will expire after 12 months if not used.

You can only use your credit for books.

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